Bobby Kickliter

Bobby Kickliter

  • Senior Project Designer

Bobby Kickliter has accumulated nearly 30 years of design experience in projects ranging from residential to healthcare, ecclesiastical to government, automotive retail to tenant build-outs, and even a few industrial projects. He holds a bachelor’s in engineering technology/construction from the University of West Florida and a Masters of Civil Engineering from Norwich University.

Bobby is known for adopting unusual creativity to develop unique, outside-the-box solutions to the most challenging problems.  His passion for his career is born in solving the varied challenges he faces every day.  Bobby has an attitude of persistence and endurance that is a product of his being severely deaf since he contracted spinal meningitis at the age of 14 months; a handicap that is largely invisible due to his hearing aid and his self-taught ability to lip-read.

Bobby studies Okinawan Karate and is actively involved in Freemasonry, particularly in the Scottish Rite.  He is graduate of the 2014 LeaP Class, and has been an Eagle Scout since the age of 15.